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Is Microsoft Teams the Messaging App For You?

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If you're using Slack (or another group messaging app), but find it lacking, you can check out the new Microsoft Teams app. Microsoft announced that it was already being used by over 50,000 organizations worldwide and in 19 different languages before it's launch in mid-March. It's being heralded by many as a "Slack Slapper."

Some of the numerous benefits to Microsoft Teams include instead of being a standalone app it ties in with your current Office 365 account. You can also integrate it with Skype for Business, so when you want to actually see the other person, and talk to them, you can easily switch from chat to a verbal meeting without going anywhere else.  

According to Microsoft you can also integrate SharePoint and OneNote into your chats as well as create and edit documents real-time within the app. And because Office 365 already knows your business and the groups within it, you can create separate channels for various chats, topics, or departments.

Much of the praise for the new Microsoft Teams comes from the ability to do so much within the app - no need to exit the app or open an additional one. For instance, you can schedule meetings during a chat that will quickly integrate into your existing Office 365 schedule. You can even continue email conversations within the app. Does your group use Trello to keep track of who's doing what? Microsoft Teams will be integrating that app (along with a whole host of others), so you'll be able to feature that as a tab within your chat rather than a completely separate app.

In terms of cost, many offices will realize that the entire Office 365 package costs them about the same as just the Slack messaging app alone. And it's automatically accessible now for its commercial accounts allowing customers to use it without having to download an additional app.

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