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Modern Digital Workplace

Developing a modern digital workplace, so your teams can work from anywhere.

Building & developing a modern digital workplace for your business is the current way of today’s working world to allow them to work from anywhere.

Is your business looking for a smarter way to manage people and information across your business? Stop dreaming about how to align people, processes and information, and start connecting employees with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve your business objectives.

  • Are you needing to improve staff collaboration, communication, efficiency and compliance, across your business organisations?
  • Is your business looking at moving to a more modern workplace solution?

Built on leading Microsoft technology, our modern workplace solutions:

  • Enable people to work more effectively across your organisations
  • Encourage seamless knowledge sharing for each business channel
  • Improve processes to save your organisation time and money
  • Building remote working teams collaboration & communication

Microsoft modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed building new business working models for today & tomorrow remote teams.

Learn more about how folio1 team can help with Microsoft 365 products & services to develop high-performing modern workplace solutions. From business process management and collaboration through to document and records management and workflow solutions, there’s a modern workplace solution to suit your needs.

The Digital Workplace

Bring the future of modern digital workplace by providing collaborative tools, optimised for today’s fast-changing business environment.

Businesses today all want to see their employees thrive & an amazing culture. But as technology evolves and teams are increasingly scattered across locations new innovative players of working together must be implemented.

You also need to support a culture of collaboration, innovation & embracing entrepreneurship in your workplace. We understand all businesses want to keep their organisations productive and employees motivated at all times.

By providing the right tools to especially when combined with collaborative technologies like intranet portals and fast and effective people search.

Microsoft Teams - Team Collaboration & Communication

Teams brings together chat, meetings, notes and attachments in a single platform: Microsoft Teams.

Imagine the productivity that your teams can gains from you’d realise if you could manage everything conversations & files in one central workspace. Imagine your teams accessing all the Microsoft products like SharePoint, OneNote, PowerBI, Planner & other 3rd party tools as they engage in an audio and video conference calls, in the same place. 

All of this in once central workspace is now achievable with Microsoft Teams.

Available in Office 365, a powerful tool that supports teams to work more efficiently, collaboratively across your organisations. 

Learn More - About our Microsoft Teams solution services

Microsoft Adoption Services

Is your business investing in tomorrow software?

Solving the most complex business problems to help your IT departments transform their teams to the cloud. All IT departments across all business industries have several projects on the go at any one time and are looking for ways to meet delivery and on budget.

The digital transform of business today is so important that that each team across your business organization is a part of the transformation and adopts the changes that will form new business processes into the future.

So how can your organization invest in the right technology and take the right steps for your teams to fully adopted the changes happening in your business today & tomorrow.

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Microsoft Business 365

Connect & empower your teams communication from anywhere

Getting the right information in front of the right people right now is crucial if you want to serve today’s time-starved customers and still make a profit.

Microsoft 365 Business is a subscription service that includes Office 365 productivity tools plus advanced capabilities to help protect your business against cyberthreats, protect your data, and manage devices.

We understand in todays world we need to keep anything secure, 365 Secure Score is a numerical summary of a given customer’s security posture within Office 365 based on system configurations, user behavior, and other security-related measurements 

With Teams, part of Office 365, it’s easy to schedule an online meeting from Outlook or immediately jump into an online meeting directly from PowerPoint, Excel or Word. You can screen-share, brainstorm on a virtual whiteboard, edit documents in real time, and instant-message with other meeting members to make decisions quickly and keep work moving.


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Cloud Strategy & Planning

Does your business lack the agility needed to empower the mobile workforce?

It’s been proven and reported that moving to cloud can improve productivity across your organization.

Within the next couple of years, it’s expected that over two thirds of all enterprise computing workloads will be outsourced to the cloud. folio1 can provide cloud-hosting for all business applications to prepare your business for a location-independent future.

Further to this it’s been reported that businesses that adopt cloud computing grow almost 32 percent faster. And that cloud solutions are decrease SME workloads by up to 45 percent, based on automating small business tasks.

As a company that specialising in cloud-based productivity solutions, we regularly see our clients experience similar gains when they migrate their on-premises to the cloud. But what is it about the cloud that supports businesses to become more productive?

Learn more - On our Cloud Transformation solution services

End-to-end approach to deliver your workplace experience

Our approach combines our 20 years of technology experience of strategy, implementation, change management & managed services.

Our deep expertise of the entire Microsoft technology ecosystem, that provides the core digital workplace solutions of today.

How we can help

  • Strategy & implementation of WX solutions
  • Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & Business 365 implementation
  • Team development of training & onboarding
  • Defining business team workflows
  • Automation & documentation processes
  • 3rd party integration & implementation
  • Transforming Team Process by Collaboration, Communication & Connections
  • Control, governance, risk and compliance across all channels
  • Use Remote Assistance or Quick Assist

Use Quick Assist

Quick Assist is a new app in Windows 10 that, like Remote Assistance, enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection. We encourage you to try Quick Assist for a more streamlined, easy-to-use experience.

Tools to deliver a Modern Workplace

The Microsoft services & products your business needs to develop an end to end modern workplace.

Does your business need to be digitally transformed?

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