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Azure Technology Consultancy

Combining emerging, connected and smart technologies to digitally transform industries.

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At folio1 we are all about understanding complex business problems…

Elevate your business with revolutionary strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative advisors that drive business value. At folio1, we have devised a process that addresses the root problems your company may be encountering with technology.

Our technology strategy involves a team of advisory experts who guide you in comprehensively aligning technology to your overall purpose and business goals, helping you to tackle strategic issues effectively.

Technology Advisory Services

It’s clear that legacy systems stifle growth & hold up digital transformation.

Our technology advisors can help you pivot wisely while getting the most from your legacy system & software. Providing your team with insights they need throughout the transformation journey; we start with a technology and ecosystem strategy that lays a future-ready foundation.

We then develop a roadmap for change that integrates with your workforce and business processes - all in a highly secure environment.

Platform Advisory Services

Feeling overwhelmed with all the technology platforms out there?

folio1 can help create the right technology strategy, develop the business case for change and provide a roadmap for the journey. Take advantage of folio1 strong partnerships with companies such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, SnapLogic, Progress and others.

From strategy development through implementation, you are assured that your technology, business processes and workforce are integrated seamlessly.

Why folio1

Technology consulting helps your team finesse the critical pieces of a successful technology transformation so you can:

Agile Innovation

Working with our partners to build & develop integrated solutions across your business operations.

Creatively solving complex business challenges, with our design thinking & data analytics methods that drive business change.

Cloud Ecosystem

Moving or new development of core custom software, services, systems integration capabilities and professional in tech-agnostic approach to solve your business needs.

Our extensive ecosystem of business alliances, universities, tech leaders and startups.


Industry Expertise

Our team has a deep understanding & expertise in the following industry’s;

Service utility – energy, Super and insurance & Finance - fintech.

Over the part 7+ years we have built & development core technology skills and experiences in energy retails market.

With this said we have found that the service utility market problems across over to any industry, so we are able to provide common knowledge.

Core Services

Driving Cloud Innovation - A cloud-native technology Azure partner, highly skilled specialists focused on Azure Cloud Implementation, Cognitive, API & DevOps Services.

folio1 can provide expert Azure consulting services to help organizations effectively utilize the cloud platform and achieve their business goals. Our team of certified Azure consultants can assist with everything from cloud migration and implementation to ongoing support and optimization.

Through our Azure consulting services, we can help organizations assess their current IT infrastructure and identify areas where Azure can provide cost savings and improved efficiency. We can also assist with the planning and execution of a successful migration to the Azure platform, including the development of a robust security strategy to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

Once the migration is complete, our Azure consultants can provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the platform is being used to its full potential. This includes providing recommendations for optimizing performance and scalability, as well as assisting with the deployment of new Azure services and features.

Overall, our Azure consulting services can help organizations improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge by leveraging the power of the cloud. Whether you're just starting to explore Azure or are looking to optimize your existing cloud infrastructure, our team is here to help.

Azure Cloud Application Development

Modernization of business leveraging the Azure PaaS platform, DevOps, LoT & Machine Learning.

Azure Migration Implementation

Moving current/legacy business application to Azure cloud, providing solutions that best fit customers' needs at scale.

Azure API Implementation

API Management Tools, Logic App, Automation of business processes, to allow business to manage data at scale and securely.

Azure DevOps CICD implementation

Increasing Developer Productivity by streamline the releasing of code updates, with integrated & unit testing.

Custom SaaS Software Development

Custom SaaS Software Development - ASP.NET Core & Angular/React provides a cross-platform cloud-base foundation & framework to create web & services applications.

Azure Cloud Security

Azure Security Center - Azure Defender provides Security Posture management & threat protection. Azure Sentinel cloud-native solution SIEM & SOAR delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response.

Accelerating Azure Cloud Innovation

A cloud-native technology Azure partner, highly skilled specialists focused on Azure Cloud Implementation, Cognitive, API & DevOps Services.

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Needing Resources?

We understand how hard it can be to find the right technology resources, if your business is seeking technology resources to deliver projects on time & budget, we can help.

Our flexible resourcing model at folio1 provides our customers with dedicated access to our technology advisory & engineering consultants.

folio1 provides optional 3, 6 & 12-month resourcing models to cover the outstanding development work your business needs.

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