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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Building end to end solutions with Microsoft Azure Services

Get the most out of Microsoft Azure Cloud, simplify your migration journey.

Azure cloud has become a leader in public, private and hybrid clouds.

Your digital transformation journey will need to embrace the core services of over 200 of them to find the right fit for your business. If it is to migrate legacy systems or redevelop your architecture making the right decision is critical to your business future.

Azure Managed Services

  • Access integrated knowledge with real-time collaboration
  • Discount across all the Azure Cloud services
  • Integration using Azure or other major software vendor integration tools

Microsoft Licensing Services

Azure Cloud Solutions

We deliver end to end digital solutions, by transforming businesses with cloud technology our Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Transform your business with cloud technology

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Azure Cloud Migration

New Set-up, Lift & shift from on-premises or cost saving

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Microsoft Security Graph

Cloud integration security built on a secure foundation

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Azure DevOps

Optimise software-development lifecycles and processes.

Optimise your releases

Modern Workplace

Deliver your workplace experience work from anywhere...

End to end communication

Azure Active Directory

Enterprise identity service...

Secure your business

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folio1 endows organisations with the tools, processes and expertise they need to thrive in the dynamic environment.

Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities

Let our team help move your business to Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Managed Services, Consulting Services & licensing. 

Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Partner
folio1’s is a Microsoft Cloud Service Partner providing Azure cloud services, solutions & licensing.

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