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Energy Solution Health Check

Energy Solution Health Check

Energy Industry

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Energy Industry


The Energy Solution team at a leading energy retailer were looking at providing their customers with a comprehensive report, to provide a deeper understanding on how their customers can save on their energy use.

The following key points highlight some of the challenges our team need to be clear on before any implementation of the selected solution & moving forward with the development & integration.

Key Points of challenges

  • The amount of information that needed to be provided to customers within the comprehensive report,  dynamic data visualisation & content based on selection throughout the step by step dynamic form.
  • Provide html/PDF dynamic data visualisation reporting by email & downloadable in PDF format along with an email notification to the selected Energy Solution team
  • Develop an engaging, easy-to-use website and mobile application involving backend & front-end development work in .NET MVC, JS, HTML5 & Css3
  • Integrate into the current Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS/DXP)


The energy solution health check allowed users to easily navigate through the 9 step process. Providing users with a comprehensive report of their energy usage at the end of the process in an easily readable downloadable PDF.


Providing a solution that can be easily reused and applied to other purposes across the energy solutions services.
Customers reported that they were able to apply the saving tips to everyday use and save up to 20%.

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