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Cloud Transformation

Make Your Business Scalable and Accessible with Cloud Services

According to the International Data Corporation, over two thirds of enterprise IT infrastructure will be cloud-hosted by 2020.

Can you afford to be left behind?

As businesses seek to become more efficient and regain control over operational costs, the cloud presents a world of opportunity. One of the fastest-growing industry sectors, cloud computing and managed services are changing the way businesses of all sizes carry out many, if not all, of their everyday processes.

However, companies are also faced with a dizzying array of choices when it comes to cloud services.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Before the age of ubiquitous broadband internet, businesses had no other option but to keep their computing resources in-house. However, this cumbersome approach to IT typically involved keeping servers, workstations and other expensive equipment on-site and managed by a dedicated technology department. The cloud, by contrast, gives businesses the opportunity to outsource their computing workloads.

Cloud computing services involve outsourcing workloads, application hosting and data storage to off-site data centers, such as those run by Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM & Google. In addition to these public cloud networks, businesses can also outsource their IT to a private or hybrid-cloud infrastructure over which they have a similar degree of control as they have over in-house computing systems.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Scale with Demand

With salespeople tirelessly trying to encourage businesses to do away with old tech, it’s no wonder that some business leaders have become disillusioned with digital transformation. However, there’s no denying that dated on-premises technology can and will become a barrier to growth. On the other hand, cloud computing providers have reached economies of scale that allow technology infrastructures to grow with ease.

Access Systems from Anywhere

Empowered by modern technology, the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, which means that businesses need to prioritise accessibility as an integral part of the user experience. Cloud-hosted resources, such as Office 365, online storage or even entire virtualised servers and desktops, are accessible from any device connected to the internet, regardless of the operating system it’s running.

Reduce Upfront Costs

The high upfront costs of server upgrades, new workstations and software licenses are among the biggest barriers to business growth. Furthermore, there’s the constant need for maintenance, systems implementation and other significant expenses that companies need to worry about. Cloud hosting does away with all that by instead providing IT services in the form of predictable operational costs.

Enable Real-Time Collaboration

Physical boundaries no longer need be a barrier to capitalising on new markets or reaching out to the best talent from around the country and beyond. With 24/7 online access to all cloud-hosted apps and resources, employees, partners and freelancers alike can collaborate in real time regardless of their physical locations. Simply put, it has never been easier (nor cheaper) to work as a team.

Guarantee Business Continuity

Relying purely on in-house computing resources is a perfect example of leaving an entire system open to a single point of failure. One natural or manmade disaster, and business comes to a grinding halt, potentially leading to a company closing its doors for good. A dependable cloud-hosting service comes with built-in redundancy thanks to off-site data centers and integrated disaster-recovery.

Azure App Cloud Modernization Solutions

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We deliver end to end digital solutions, by transforming businesses with cloud technology.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Transform your business with cloud technology

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Azure Cloud Migration

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Modernize Your Applications with the Azure

Discover some of the tools we use to modernize and create applications that move your business forward.


Ease your software development and ensure software runs reliably when moving between computing environments by using containers.


Maximize efficiency during development by using serverless functions to solve complex orchestration challenges.


Use microservices to simplify application lifecycle management and build always-on, scalable, and distributed applications in Azure.


Connect hybrid applications and your enterprise systems using messaging services that increase the resilience of your architecture.


Optimize your cloud spend, reduce server maintenance needs, and secure your application development with enterprise-level deliverables.


Leverage the end-to-end toolchain of Azure DevOps to improve reliability, flexibility, and maintenance throughout the application development lifecycle.


Integrate, cloud, on-prem and third-party applications with simplified management and publishing of APIs in Azure.


Build low-code business apps that increase your agility by empowering your users and modernizing your processes.

How we can help

folio1 works with industry-leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure to provide integrations and hosting services you can depend on. Our team of specialists that can help with cloud transformation services providing an end to end support for your business.

We offer tailored solutions like:

  • Digital platforms build & integration
  • Cloud solutions specialising in Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud migration planning
  • Shift & lift Cloud migration & Data migration
  • Automated CICD DevOps
  • Continuous API integration & deployment
  • Managed cloud & optimisation
  • Service level agreements (SLA)
  • Performance monitoring & logging
  • Cloud optimisation - cost saving
  • Application management services
  • Managed security solutions

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