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Three DevOps Trends Shaping 2017

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Compared to when it started, DevOps practices have mushroomed to almost becoming a standard way of working for an enterprise. For the already large enterprises, adoption of the practices seems more like keeping up with the thinking of top companies. This adoption has led to the emergence of trends like:

Increased container and micro services adoption    

One trend making waves in DevOps is the growing adoption of container and micro services to drive the delivery of modern applications. With all these organizations shifting to DevOps practices, micro services are the ideal solutions uniquely made to help them achieve success. Micro services are helping organizations make different solutions for different services, independently of each other.    

Containers act as the ideal method of deployment due to their designs that allow them to run isolated programs with minimal runtime overhead. Research estimates that by 2019, majority of organizations will have adopted use of containers to run their productions.    

Coming together of big data and DevOps

With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, it was just a matter of time before DevOps caught up. Combination of big data and DevOps helps organizations use predictive analytics material in their delivery cycle. The coming together has led to DevOps achieving automation and configuration and in the process generate enough data to use to predict failure or success of your project by applying machine learning.        

The rise of a new culture driven by DevOps

With the widespread and growing adoption of DevOps, many enterprises have realized that DevOps is more than just a new market but more like a cultural shift slowly taking root. Many companies have realized that the efficiency goes further than just implementation and use of technology. As more and more adopt the software, the practice is slowly shifting from using it as a tool to improve your enterprise to a culture sweeping through organizations. 

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